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Below you're able to find the technical product specifications

Choose your banner size

Here you can choose the size of your frame. We will make sure that you will receive a banners and a frame with the right components that fits your banner. We deliver the following components: tubes, elbows, handrail supports and connections (long size). The number of components depents on the length of the tubes. The banners will be 10 cm smaller than the frame on each side. So in total 20 cm.


Please fill in the preferred dimension in centimeters. We can print and produce banners up to 9 square metres.

Choose a material for your banner

All the materials will be finished with rings every 30 cm, so you can hang your banners easily in the frame with the supplied elastic bands.

Standard banner material
Wind Proof: MESH Canvas

Standard banner material

These banners are made from special PVC-material. This makes them extremely sturdy and suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The matt coating keeps your design sharp & clear.

Standard banner material

Wind Proof: MESH Canvas

NOTE: Due to the material/texture of Mesh Canvas, the edges can have a slightly different appearance when the canvas is folded over and sewn with the rings in place. 

Wind Proof: MESH Canvas

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